Hi and welcome to our blog. As we know you are new to our website so let’s just give you some information about Streampy. First of all: WE LOVE MUSIC! But we hate that while listening to music we had to change the streaming provider to find exactly the music we want to listen right now. And the pauses in between. Therefore we had the idea to create a music service, which combines all existing music streaming providers, like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and so on. The Idea for Streampy was born.

First Steps we had to take

We started as we had a project week, where we were able to work one full week as a team on Streampy. At the end of the week we even won the pitch contest. This positive feedback encouraged us to work even further on the project. In June 2018 we took part at startup live, a accelerator programm. Another time we won a price for our project. Two other times we took part in similiar programms and we won two more awards! We could not believe, how positive the feedback was in this early stage.

Since then we work on our prototype, which will go live for beta in april 2019. Our prototype will go live for web and mobile app. We even work on a desktop app too!

History is cool, but what’s in for me with Streampy?

Streampy is a interface between different music providers. You enter all of your music streaming services an we offer you a central search bar for all your music. That means you can enter any music wish you have and get the results from all your music streaming providers together in one list. The simplified interface helps you looking for your music cross